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version 1.00 54 KB 2006/11/23 Windows XP/2003 x64

Works only on 64-bit Windows. (For 32-bit Windows, this app is completely useless :)

what's this?

BlueWoW is a helper application that disables the filesystem redirection (\Windows\System32 -> \Windows\SysWow64) of 64-bit Windows, for some situations in target applications.

In processes booted from BlueWoW, the redirection is disabled when the process executes other applications. (Technically, the following three APIs ShellExecute, ShellExecuteEx, and CreateProcess are wrapped in order to disable the redirection.)


BlueWoW will be useful when you use it together with the applications so-called 'launchers' (and when only 32-bit version of the application is available.)

Without BlueWoW, you cannot run 64-bit version of system tools (like cmd.exe, regedit.exe, notepad.exe, or calc.exe) directly from 32-bit launchers. Filesystem redirection of WOW64 forces the launcher to run the 32-bit version of the tools. BlueWoW resolves this annoying situation.

First, create a shortcut to BlueWoW.exe. Then open its property dialog.

Then add the path to the target launcher to the end of the Link Target. Now you are able to run the launcher with the redirection disabled. Have fun!

presented by k.inaba   under NYSDL.